Sunday, May 20, 2012

First class of Baal Pathshala

On the first day of "Baal Pathshala" when I reached mandir there were only two kids sitting in the class, I was shocked that how will the first class of pathshala will proceed if the count is so less ... 
Then after 10-20min count started increasing and finally at 9.00am it was abt 28 students.
class started with Prarthna,then icebreaking session by Anant i.e. introduction of students and teachers, roll no. distribution.
Further class was proceeded by Rahul and Parul with topic "Namokar Mantra" and its importance followed by story of "Anjanchor" which was very interesting and students enjoyed a lot.
Last part was the quiz and 1-minute game in which students participated very actively and enjoyed also. They were very eager to give answers of the questions.

Class ended with gift and snacks distribution. I was very happy to see small kids learning and actively participating in the various activities of the class with a great smile on their faces .
All credit goes to jyn efforts and teachers of the class to make this event a great success.
cheers for JYN
Hip Hip Hurray

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