Sunday, November 13, 2011

First JYN trip to BadeGaon

After a lot of efforts we have finally planned for our first ever trip to badagaon with the help of Majaraj Shri Trilok Bhushan Ji Maharaj.

Day 13th Nov, Sunday, in the dark morning we have packed up to move our first trip and enjoyed a cheerful day which can’t be forgot by anyone who were there.

 We all assembled in mandirji by 7:15 and left at 7:30 to started our trip with intro to each other where no one left any moment to pull leg of other guys but the most interesting thing is that the guy giving intro also enjoying his ragging and this was the live example of explaining what JYN is.

And I think there is no need to remind what Jumbo did, he engaged everyone into conversation with his classi masttttiii, for which he was rewarded with extra chocolates as well. Along with him manoj shares his shayri with us and uncle ji’s interested real life examples.

After reaching to badegaon, we took blessings from parampujya achaya shri sanmati sagar ji maharaj and again started masti, first of all we all were took snaps with every spiritual and mandir ji’s those were around. Our biggest entertainment focus was the tallest trilok tirth where we all plan to go till 2nd or 3rd floor but eventually we were climbed over to 16th floor which is the top of trilok tirth, where every floor was sakshi of JYN masti, at few floors we filled the empty vedis with the future acharyas including Rahul1, Himanshu, Jumbo, Abhishek..
After that we move to Ganne ka khet where we did same what Hanuman ji did in lanka before his meeting with Sita’s ji. Abhishek ne to sab kuch tahas nahas karke rakh diya tha, even two times we got warning from the local residents but no one was there who can stop JYN to stop their mastiiiiii.
After lot of masti when we all got hungry move to food stalls but due to crowd no one got their plates full of food. And a special thanks to uncle ji who brought food items to us especially gulab jamun.
Now returning time…..

While returning back again we had engaged in lot of fun which includes the competition of ganne ka ras between Rahul1 and Abhishek and all were dance in bus and antakshri played by all of us. We have not wasted even a single second
 With full of great fun all together our first trip was ended and all the cherish memories are gathered in our heart and soul for life long…………………..