Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rejuvenation of revered books in Jain Mandir, Sec 50, Noida

This was done in two days, on 15th and on 22nd April, 2012
We did activities like- 
  •  Cleaning of books
  •  Covering of books
  •  Cleaning of shelves
  •  Labeling of books

Token of Thanks -
A special thanks to Preeti, for taking initiative on this.
Also, thanks to Sumeet, Anshul and Preeti again for arranging the material required and all the JYNites who participated.
I would also like to thank Devendra Uncle for his support and motivation in this activity.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mahaveer Jayanti celebration through Anant's eyes

what a sparkling day it was !! undoubtedly the best 'Mahaveer Jayanti' of my life .. I know others would agree too :) Let's go through my last 36 hours:

12:15 PM (4th Apr, Wed):   Eyes eagerly waiting to get a glance of our own JYN t-shirt but the print guy still delaying.
6:00 PM:   after a series of phone calls and nail biting tension, tshirts reached jain mandir.

8:30 PM:   The beautiful first look demised all the worries. Jambu and Arpit boggling their heads in distributing them but couldn't find a size for Pratha and Sanyam :).
9:00 PM:   betting on JYN members turnout in Prabhat-pheri. I voted 13, Rini 10, Rahul 15, Arpit 20, Shweta 15, Jambu 8. I am grateful that no one won :)

5:30 AM (5th Apr, Mahaveer Jayanti, Jain Mandir):  Felt goosebumps when found only 4 JYN members in the mandir ji.
5:40 AM:  As twilight passed and dawn arrived, we started the Prabhat pheri. All eyes were flat and glad to see around 50 ppl including 24 JYN members with overflowing energy following our Jain flag.


6:00 AM:   The air around sector 27 filled with chantings, bhajans and slogans .. and with the 'kesaria rang' of JYN tshirts.
6:15 AM:   reachd temple. Event very well appreciated by all with comments like, "best Prabhat-pheri ever in Noida history". Believe me, at that moment I felt proud to be Jain and a JYN member.
6:18 AM:  photo session .. photos, photos and some more photos :) wondering if we actually gathered for the Prabhat Pheri :P

6:30 AM:   Rahul and Swatantra facing hard time wearing dhoti-pancha :) Abhishek and Arpit rescued them.
6:50 AM:   After the abhishek by all JYN male members, 'Shanti Dhara boli' started with a mere Rs 11K but closed by JYN members for whooping Rs 26660/-

7:15 AM:   JYN members sat for the group pooja filling up a quadrant space of the temple.
8:30 AM:   Abhishek and Jambu left to give a hand in making sec 50 Jhanki.
9:45 AM:   spicy 'pohe' and tea for starving JYN members @ 'Prerna & sisters' home.

11:00 AM:  Juloos started with JYN members occupied the place in front of 'Bhagwan Ji Rath' and their chanting and dancing was unstoppable.

11:30 AM:   JYN members accompanying Sanyam's and other's stalls in distributing drinks and food items.
11:45 AM:   chanting and dancing contd with Jambu, Arpit and Rahul dancing on Himanshu, Ashish and my shoulders.

12:30 AM:   JYN members paying complete 'Ashtang' to Mahaveer Swami in the middle of the road.

1:15 PM:   My manager called me third time. Finally I told him, "aaj office nahi aa paonga".
1:30 PM:  JYN still chanting and dancing .. even the scorching sun couldn't decrease the enthu level.

2:00 PM:   Bullocks of the 'Bhagwan Ji Rath' were replaced by JYN members. We carried the 'rath' on our shoulders for the last 30 meters.

2:30 PM:   A lot of ppl were overwhelmed with the immense energy and fun imparted by JYN to the Juloos. Many appreciated JYN's work and tshirt :). Ulka aunty already informed Maharaaj shree that your group did a marvellous job today.

7:00 PM:   Himanshu, Jambu and I sitting in my house, phone rang, the voice from the other side, "I am a reporter from 'Amar Ujala'. Your JYN group did a fantastic job today. I am writing an article on the Jain Samaj event and would like to write a separate column on JYN. Please tell me everything about JYN and its activities". The interview went for 15 minutes.

Happy Mahaveer Jayanti to all !!