Sunday, May 13, 2012

'Baal Pathshala' Inauguration

The pathshala kids were looking so cute wearing badges :) Truly speaking, I was a little worried to see just a few kids at the start ..
Program started by Anant with a thanks note to Elacharya Shree and his Muni Sangh.
JYN members looking so cute while handling kids :P Amazed to see 25+ kids now :) Manglacharan in a sweet voice by Varsha Bhabhi .. She was also wearing a badge :P Then the kids volunteered to sing a beautiful Bhajan :)
Program was followed by Deep Prajwalan by Pradhaan Ji and an Overwhelming JYN appreciation speech by Pradhan Ji :)
 Then JYN gifted 'Shashtra Ji' and 'Shri-fal' to Elacharya Shri :) followed by Aashir Vachan
 by Mataji. And then finally the Elacharya Shri taking the first 'Baal Pathshala' Class :) :) :).

Elacharya Shri asked questions and distributed gifts to kids :) Kids enjoyed the class very much. Pathshala books were distributed to kids .. And finally the snacks and cold drink were distributed to Pathshala kids.



  1. The auspicious presence is of Elacharya Shri Vasunandi Ji Muniraj Sasangh.

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